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Community Profile : DIVINYL REVOLUTION!

Posted on Mar. 05, 2010 by in Profiles

<em>It's official! Divinyl Revolution is here!</em>

It's official! Divinyl Revolution is here!

When the word went out that downtown mainstay Last Vestige would be closing its Saratoga Springs location, an audible gasp was heard throughout our small town. What would happen to music? Where would folks spend hours flicking through albums?

Never fear, friends! Former Vestige employee Britney Nasser took over the record store’s vacated space at the end of January and has now re-opened it as “Divinyl Revolution“!

<em>Kid Robot! SuperFishal!</em>

Kid Robot! SuperFishal!

Along with the requisite stacks of used LPs, 7″s, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes, folks can find new items in the store such as skateboards, Superfishal T-Shirts/books/stickers, Kid Robot products (!), comics, toys, vintage clothing and much more. The stock seems to have shrunk a bit since the transition, but the CD selection seems to be more focused with less “tossers” and more “winners”.

<em>The face draws you nearer!</em>

The face draws you nearer!

Britney tells us the store will be holding in-store musical performances and plenty of other events as Divinyl Revolution settles in to its new home. For vinyl lovers out there, look forward to shipments of new and classic LP re-releases to be showing up at the store in the near future. If you have any special requests or are looking for anything in particular, feel free to visit Britney any time – she’ll be glad to help.

For now, stay tuned to the Divinyl Revolution Facebook Fan Page to keep apprised of any specials or upcoming events.

<em>Comics, stickers, 8 tracks, Superfishal Gear and more!</em>

Comics, stickers, 8 tracks, Superfishal Gear and more!

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