February 23, 2018

Photo of the Day

Posted on Jun. 09, 2010 by in FUNCommon

<em>Yes, that's a Saratoga Springs Fire Department truck, hovering over to check out the chimney/roaster fire.</em>

Yes, that's a Saratoga Springs Fire Department truck, hovering over the store to check out the chimney/roaster fire.

By now you may have heard that Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga Springs had a bit of a fire on Monday afternoon. It was a brief conflagration involving our coffee roaster and chimney which was swiftly dealt with by Saratoga Springs Fire Department and the Police Department.

The photo above is from one of our employees who watched as SSFD hoisted a tower ladder over a tree to peer onto the store’s roof.

After the fire was contained, the staff cleaned up and the store re-opened within two hours of the incident.

Thanks for your patience and well-wishes.

Extra thanks to the fire fighters and police folks who are there to protect us from situations like this every day.

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  1. Michael (@TCRPMG) 9 June 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    Glad to hear that everyone (and everything) was ok.

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