February 23, 2018

Window Art : Saratoga Springs – Laura Northrup

Posted on Mar. 03, 2010 by in Saratoga Springs

Handknit Coffee Sleeve by Laura Northrup

A few months ago we profiled Laura Northrup for the many awesome things she’s got her fingers into. One of the items on her epic list of curiosities was developing a pattern for hand-knit “coffee sweaters”.

Lo and behold, a few months pass and Laura has filled the front window of the Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. with her “Hamsterdam Handknits” coffee sleeves!

Laura had this to say about the sleeves:

I made one as a gift for a friend and she got so many compliments on it that I realized maybe people would like to buy them. I’ve sold a few on Etsy but this is a new thing and I’m really excited about the product. They’re fun to make and choose materials for. They’re made out of everything from fancy merino wool to decades-old scrap acrylic yarn that I’ve gathered up and am recycling.

<em>They've multiplied! They want to save your hands from heat!</em>

They've multiplied! They want to save your hands from heat!

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