February 23, 2018

February Art : Geralee Hall

Posted on Jan. 29, 2010 by in Saratoga Springs

As we mentioned earlier in the week, the Saratoga Springs Uncommon Grounds store has a split art show going on this month with Lisa Perotti and Geralee Hall sharing the walls with their prints and paintings, respectively. Geralee has showed work a few times at our stores, each time bringing a completely different vision in her paintings. This time is no different and we are pleased to share this work with you!

Here’s a brief bio about the show:

Struggle, the latest body of work by Geralee Hall, is a series of multimedia images that explores the artist’s fascination with contour and the vacancy therein. As the title of the introductory piece suggests, the work is a ‘digression’ from Hall’s usual work with oil paints, for the series, created with Sharpie pen and children’s acrylic paint, is decidedly dressed-down, unnervingly innocent. The bare simplicity of its settings – and the ghostly anonymity of its inhabitants – accentuate that which has not been recorded.

The pieces in the series are interpretations of images both original and appropriated: the latter from common journalistic sources such as Newsweek and Time, the former from the artist’s personal archive of photographs, memory, and imagination. All have been stripped of their detail, offering, instead, an outline, a gesture, the alarming juxtaposition of white and color, action and stillness, whimsy and war. The viewer is given the opportunity to consider the perhaps fragile arrangement of what we think we know when it is combined, inevitably, with all that we don’t.

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